Sunday, September 21, 2008

Any Army of Boston Terrier Goodie Bags...

Boston Armies!, originally uploaded by All-Mighty Clothing.

This weekend was the annual Boston Tea Party hosted by our wonderful friends at The event is a fundraiser for Bostons in need and it's an all around good time. There was a HUGE turnout and it will surely go down in history as the cutest fund raiser / event of all time...until next year that is. I would paint you a picture of the scene but I don't need to- we've got tons of photos from the glorious day which can be seen right here or on our flickr page.
We donated 100 gift bags for the attendees but next year we'll know to make many more. Who knew? It was comical when we realized how much space these guys took up. The photo above was taken back at the office with only a small portion of them assembled. We ended up having to drive separately to the event in cars busting at the seams with stuffed k-9s. I'll stop writing so you can lost in our photo stream.


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