Monday, June 29, 2009

Dainty June now available in our webstore!

So, early in 2009 Jen & I got together with one of our best friends (more like another sister), Jennifer Johnson, & we started this cute little company called Dainty June. We are really proud of it and so happy to announce that it is now available in select stores nationwide & in our online store. Our premiere collection is very appropriately named "She's like a rainbow",  please scroll down to see what we mean or view all available pieces in our online store!

The "Gypsy Rose" Dress is rainbows galore!

The "Ruffle" Tee  w/ the "Louise" Skirt

The "Caroline" in Black

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fun with Etsy...

There are so many cute BT products out there, and they aren't just in our shop.  Etsy makes the hours pass like minutes, there is so much amazing stuff on there.  I like to put in really weird and general searches like "cutest ever" & see what comes up.  Anyhoo, here's a post of some of my favorite Boston Items I found today.  Please click on the images for more detail!

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All-Mighty Dress in the new Electric Company!!

Our friends at Fred Flare were kind enough to hook us up with this opportunity. That's our striped red dress in the opening of the new electric company. Yay!

Anna Paquin wears All-Mighty Hoodie on True Blood!!

We don't know how this happened but it's really awesome! Mighty's little head made an appearance on a very highly watched show. He's officially famous now. Unfortunately, this hoodie is an old style and long gone. Here it is more up close and personal...

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